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Tom Monahan – Customer Experience as a Means, Not an End

January 23, 2023 OCX Cognition Season 1 Episode 1
The CX Iconoclast
Tom Monahan – Customer Experience as a Means, Not an End
Show Notes

Most companies today don’t have any tangible value, points out our guest Tom Monahan. It’s all concentrated in relationships with customers and the experiences companies provide. 

Tom Monahan led CEB for decades, developing a compelling suite of research, benchmarks, and decision-support tools and services and eventually selling the company to Gartner. His work at CEB included the development of the Customer Effort Score, at the time a revolutionary way of thinking about the customer experience in terms of friction and ease, and a metric still in widespread use. 

Since selling CEB to Gartner, Tom has served on a number of boards, and for the past couple of years has been CEO at DeVry University, where adult, working students further their careers. Tom thinks of his DeVry students the way CX professionals should think about their customers – in terms of data, insights, and metrics that predict outcomes.

Listen for Tom’s great points about:

  • How companies have shifted so that today, most of their value is in customer relationships and experiences,
  • How investors want what business leaders want – rich insights that help pinpoint effective action,
  • The natural alignment between CX and the CFO, and
  • His plans to endow the Museum of False Precision, and why you should strive not to become an exhibit

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